Bilayer Topo


Welcome to the webpage of my research group at the University of Minnesota. Our research interests revolve around the modeling, simulation and testing of complex dynamic phenomena in unconventional structures and materials, with emphasis on architected solids, phononic crystals and elastic metamaterials. In our work, we strive to blend theoretical, computational and experimental work to develop ideas holistically from initial theoretical considerations to proof of concept. Some of our most recent efforts have been directed towards the investigation of nonlinear waves in periodic media, topological mechanical and dynamical phenomena, and soft mechanical metamaterials. In parallel, we are also interested in techniques for material diagnostics and structural health monitoring based on the structural mechanics adaptation of selected ideas originated in the fields of machine learning and computer vision.

Contact Information

  • Email: sgonella(at)
  • CEGE webpage:
  • Office: CivE Building, Room 154
  • Phone: (612) 625-0866


December 2021: Our paper Topological Flexural Modes in Polarized Bilayer Lattices has been published in Physical Review Applied. LINK

July 2021: Our paper Wavenumber-space band clipping in nonlinear periodic structures has been published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A. LINK

June 2021: Our paper Tunable band gaps and symmetry breaking in magnetomechanical metastructures inspired by multilayer 2D materials has been published as a Letter in Physical Review B. LINK

June 2021: Our paper Soft topological lattice wheels has been published in Extreme Mechanics Letters. LINK

March 2021: Congratulations to group alumnus R. Ganesh, new faculty member at IIT Bombay 

December 2020: We have been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation titled Collaborative Research: Cellular Metamaterials That Localize Stress. Towards A Topological Protection against Fracture. Our collaborators are Joe Labuz (U of Minnesota) and Xiaoming Mao (U of Michigan)